Friday, 26 August, 2011

Celebrate Greeting Card!

Here's My New Card!
Well I love the Ghungroo in the card.. they ring all the time i move the card! Its lovely!
Challenges the card entered:
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Celebrate Us Scrapbook

Hey folks, this is a scrapbook i made when i sold out items in an exhibit

Check my Scrapbook pages by clicking the picture.

I Love scrapbooks, 1. because they keep your memories decoratively safe and 2. anything can turn into a scrabook material. Natural pictures are best placed in scrapbooks with journaling!!!

Sunday, 21 August, 2011

My First Greeting Card Without Handmade Paper!!

Hi all, this is the first card i have made without using handmade sheet.. and i'm satisfied with the outcome..

The red and black Love you greeting card looks quiet nice to be.. Have a closer look at the details..

You like it?? Let me know if you want it.. :) :)


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Saturday, 20 August, 2011

Recycled Pen Stand!

Well, I was in a mood of recycling and here i'm, again with a recycled pen stand. Actually this goes really well with my previous embellishment box plus i can keep my coloured pens organised!! I might not say gift others an old piece. But, certainly when the piece is even more beautiful, why not???

Here it is all Yellow and Orange!! I used the stamped background sheet. put on the flowers, butterfly and some stickers!!

I was thinking i should go about with a change in colours and move towards darker shades.. What say? :)))

Thursday, 18 August, 2011

Here It comes!!

So the wait is over!! I'm done with my creation!! And here it is....

Well i'm addicted to using whatever i've got at home. So here's an old box turned into a yellow floral jewellery box or for me it is a box to store my embellishments!!! A Jewellery Box! 

Well one thing is for sure, little things could make great decorative pieces!!
I specifically love the white flower on the black lace!! :)
What do you say?

Tuesday, 16 August, 2011

Preethi's creations

Well Before i tell you what i'm working on, let me show you some of the beautiful gift creations my friend Preethi Patel has made!

These are exquisite hand crafted bottles!! Roll in a letter and present it royally!

These are tiny treasure boxes!! Cerish!!

Coming Up!

I'm working with something which i'm going to show you soon. Till then let me know your views about my blog!!

Monday, 15 August, 2011


Creative Gift Ideas welcomes you to the world of unique handmade gifts. Check out the gifts i made and feel free to give a feedback!
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